Augmented reality

Maes started making self-portraits during her study at the art academy in The Hague. The choice to use herself as a subject in her work was mainly a practical one. Without needing someone else, she was able to experiment freely without any limits.

The work does not aim to portray the artist herself, but is an artistic research on the modern human and his ambivalent self-image. In this time of self-reflection and selfies, we seem to lose our identity sometimes. We are looking for the boundaries of our physical body, death, to our place in relation to the world around us. As humans we are constantly mirroring our environment, in search for our identity.

Maes: "By projecting myself, I identify with the image I coincide with in the projection. For me it's about the similarities, but also the differences. I try to adjust, to fit in, but sometimes I don't and this creates friction."